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Ice Houses deliver Twice the Ice

Ice Houses are cooling down Texas, delivering “Twice the Ice.” We’re looking for individuals or investor groups who are interested in an all cash business that requires no employees and allows maximum time flexibility with minimal time commitment.

This opportunity is an innovative approach in delivering bagged ice at half the local market price. It's new, revolutionary, and one of a kind. Using patented technology, an Ice House manufactures its own ice, bags it, and drops it out like a can of soda. Conveniently located on a commercial parking lot Ice Houses provide the drive up convenience of an ATM machine. They are fully automated, unmanned ice vending machines that save the consumer both time and money. In addition, our ice is never touched by human hands, possibly making it the cleanest, safest ice on the market today.

Discover the benefits Ice House owners will enjoy all over Texas.
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Ice House America Donates Two Machines to the Astrodome for Hurricane Katrina Evacuees.

A lot of times when you hear about natural disasters, you hear they need food, water, and ice. Ice House America knew that if they could provide anything to the evacuees at the Astrodome in Houston, it was definitely ice. In a couple of days, two machines were delivered and installed by nearly a dozen Ice House America volunteers. Now, truckloads of ice are being used each day cooling tons of water, juice and soda. Although ice isn't enough to rebuild people's homes, it has been a refreshing type of relief to thousands of storm victims.

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TEXAS – A “Hot” Market and it’s all About the Ice!

Very few business opportunities offer such a high return on your investment as an Ice House does, ideal for individuals, partners, or investor groups.

Texas Heat + Ice House = Unbelievable Business

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